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Soft skills in business

(All courses are adapted for provision online, due to the current crisis)

Presentation Skills - learning how to control your nerves to your advantage, enhancing our presence, straightforward ways to choose content and structure, practice and constructive feedback with action plan.

Psychology of Persuasion - what helps us get our ideas across and gives us a better chance of success? Looking at ethical ways to understand peoples' preferred communication styles, what other forces are at play within persuasion, working with cognitive biases, how to fully listen to the other.

Mentoring - skills to help us mentor others in a truly supportive and constructive way, with listening skills and goal-focused approach, enabling the other to find their own motivations and resources to get ahead.

Soft skills

Wellbeing at work

Short courses for large or small staff groups, on stress reduction, work/life balance, anger management, conflict resolution, managing meetings...


Understanding Mental health

Courses and coaching available on: Mental Health Awareness, Staff supervision, Building confidence and self-esteem, The ways of wellbeing

Understanding mental health


Presentation Skills, September 2017:

"The course was fantastic. It was well prepared, and run. The trainer was excellent  I know all the attendees really enjoyed it and felt that it will help.


I now have one of the cohort presenting to our distributors at the up and coming sales meeting, the CEO of our organisation will be attending and I don’t think that she would have attempted that previously."


A little bit about me...

A growing interest in psychology, plus volunteering for mental health charities, convinced me to choose a career path as a therapeutic counsellor and supervisor. I also began to run training workshops in a variety of ‘soft skills’ topics such as communications, presentation and persuasion. Working for support charities, running and training volunteer groups, led to other topics of interest such as overcoming stress, building confidence and coping with mental health difficulties.

I know that in training there is no ‘one size fits all’, so I tailor what I bring to the group and cater for the different needs as closely as possible. I'll be in touch with you beforehand to discuss what you require.

My workshops are based on experiential learning, as this is what ‘sticks’ and is more easily put into practical, ‘real-world’ use - this continues at the moment with online work, with plenty of exercises and activities to put ideas into practice.

Current repertoire of training workshops include:

Presentation Skills (introductory to advanced), the Psychology of Persuasion, Overcoming Work-Related Stress, Confidence building, Mental Health Awareness.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Contact Me

16 Chapel Road, Pott Row, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1BS

Tel: 07786 070040

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